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Room is North and East is good.
Room in West is not bad
Extending to North and East will be very good.
Extension to North and East brings in name and fame.
Our sides of the site will be very good
Septic tank should be located in north or East
Kitchen should be in South, East corner.
Store Room should be located between South East.
South and West side bedroom used by sons.
East and North Bedroom side not good.
Heavy items should be located in south and West Side
Cooking should be facing East.
Toilets should be South and South East side.
Staircase and lifts should be in South side.
Staircase and lift should be in North East Side.
Pooja Room should be in the North.
Pooja Room should not be attached any Toilet side.
Tulsi Plant should be East or North corner
Neverhang pictures of Crows, Lions, Owls and Pigeons
Number of doors and windows on each floor, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 etc.
Big trees should be in West and South side.
More windows opening in North and East Side.
Generators should be in the South side.
Using old building materials from the demolished buildings 
  should be avoided.
Staff quarters shall be located in North Side.
Servants quarters shall be located in West Side.
Guest room shall be located  in East side.
Raw material can be stored South and South West.
Canteen shall be located in Southeast Side.
Goods which are to be quickly disposed off in the North West side.
Swimming pool should be in North Side.
Fountain should be in East side.
Trim your plants atleast once every three weeks.
Move all plants that have prickly thorns away from the 
  vicinity of your front door.
Lofts or Mezzanine should be only on the South West Side.
Keep your books in the South West side o your room.
North and East are the directions of knowledge.
No Furniture or Cupboard should be touch the North walls.
Sitting or prayers keep your face towards North side.
There should be more space in the North side.
Do not plant tree in the house which give milky.
Do not plant thorny trees in your house.
Grow a  Tulsi plant in your house.
Even the number of trees inside the house should be even.
All Plant  should be on the South West side.
Stone, Rock Gardens should be in South West Side.
Number o risers in your staircase should be in odd number.
If you have a balcony towards South West, keep it closed and covered.
Staircase should be in the South West part of the house.
Keep windows in the East and South side in the Kitchen.
The rain water from the building should flow to North corner.
Three side roads is not considered good.
Road on the West and South of a house are not good.
Road on the North and West sides of your plot is ok.
Family members in their own house should not sleep with their 
  head towards West.
Adults should be sleep with their heads towards South.
Children should keep with their head directed towards the East.
Guest should sleep with their head towards West side.
During travelling too one should keep his head towards West side.
East facing shops the Cashier should sit in the South.
South facing shops the Cashier should sit in the South.

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