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Vaastu tips for Toilet

Toilets should be located in the West or the North-West side of the North or South direction of a building, and never ever in the Centre, North-East, South-East or South-West corners.

Color of a toilet is according to your own choice.

Window should be in East, West or North.

Slope of the flooring should be slanted towards East or North, and flooring should be one or two feet higher than the ground level.

Door should be placed in East or North.

Pot of the toilet should be placed in West, South or North-West side of the West direction, therefore you must face towards North or East.

Pits of the outlets should not be too deep if they are in the South direction.

Taps should be fixed in East, North or North-East, and never in South-East or South-West corners.

Marble tiles should never be used in a toilet.

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