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Vaastu tips for Study Room

The Study room should be positioned exactly in the West direction of a building, avoiding North-West & South-West corners, and sit facing the East or the North directions of this room.

Height of the room should be same as that of other rooms.

Color for a study room includes Sky Blue, Cream, White and Light Green.

Door should be two shuttered and placed in the North, North-East or West.

Windows are beneficial in East, North & West.

Picture of Goddess Saraswati Maa on the east wall of a room is auspicious, and never hang any frightening picture in this room.

Bookracks should not be placed in North-West or South-West, because books in these corners are likely to be stolen or lost or rarely used.

Books should always be placed in East and North or if you have no space in this direction, it should be in West.

Toilet should never be built in the room, but bathroom are useful.

If study room is only used for Studying, Meditation or Spiritual reading, the Pyramidal shape of this room will give excellent results and benefits.

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