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Puja Ghar or Prayer Room

The Puja Ghar (Prayer room) should be in the east, North or North-East corner of the home or offices, and never in South direction or in the bedroom.

The idols should be placed in East or West of the Puja Ghar, but not exactly in front of the entrance door, and Shivlinga should not be build in the building.

Idols must not be more than 9 inches for home or offices, and they should not be placed facing each other.

Triangular pattern of any God should not be drawn in Puja Ghar, and idols brought from ancient temple should never be kept there.

Color of walls should be painted White, Light Blue or Light Yellow.

For meditation more than 15 minutes, you should sit near the Western wall and face towards East avoiding the look of the idols.

Lamp-stand should be placed in South-East corner of the prayer room. If the worship room is in the shape of a Pyramid then it is auspicious.

The Puja Ghar must have a threshold.

There should be windows for ventilation in North and East.

Toilet should never be above or below the Puja ghar.

Women should never enter during the menses period.

The safe should not be kept in front of the Deity.

No part of the Puja Ghar separated by curtains, etc should be use for any other purpose.

There should not have door with one shutter and door must be made of wood.

The door-closer facility should not be used for Puja Ghar door.

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