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Vastu for Entrance and Main Door

It is always best that a house has two entrances and the exit door should be kept smaller than the entrance. Teak is an excellent material for the entrance door.

If in case there are two external doors for the house, they should never be set in a straight line.

The main door of the house should be above road level but not in the center of the house, nor in the extreme corners. It must be larger than the other doors of the house. The main door should have two shutters and open to the inside of the house.

When a person enters through the main door, a door in front of that which opens to the next room is beneficial depending upon the vastu direction of the house. And one should try to avoid a shadow fall on the main door.

The main door should not be located in front of the main door of another house. And two houses should never share a common entrance. Also, the entrance doors of both houses should be in opposite directions.

If the entrance of the house is the south, there should not be a verandah or lawn or garden in front of the door. It is not advised to have the main door entrance from the south side. It is okay to have the main door on the west wall and the best to have on north or east sides.

According to vastu, divide the house into nine parts and place the door in the fourth section of the house from the left hand side. From the right side of the house, the entrance is in the sixth division from the right.

It is considered auspicious if the entrance and the main door of the house are on the same side.

If the door is in the north, move it east of center; if it is in the east wall, move it north of center. If it is in the south wall, it should be moved east of center; and if it is in the west, move it to the south of center or exactly centered.

It is good to have thresholds in a door but it should not be slanted, sliding or circular.

It is good to decorate a house’s entrance with pictures or statues of Maa Lakshmi Ji and Shri Ganesh Ji or signs such as OM or Swastik, depending upon the placement to enhance better opportunities in life.

There should not be an underground tank or hollow space and wrecked building in front of the main entrance, and shoes can be kept to the side.

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