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Vaastu tips for Living Room

The Living room is a public room in a house. This room relates to you to fancy the outside world so you should create a focal point there or the TV will dominate the whole room, and if you have space then you should place your furniture in a way for chatting & for watching TV separately. The TV should be kept ideally in a wooden cupboard with doors to close so that to balance the energy it gives out.

You should place fresh flowers to keep energy refreshed. It will stimulate mental activity and balance electro-magnetic discharges.

Colors should be painted as Yellow, Orange, Purple, Pink and Peach. The Green color with small amount of Red is a good idea.

Glass topped tables with sharp edges should never be kept in living room.

Curtain to decorate for windows should be of color Blue to Mauves and Purples, such as wisteria, Kingfisher Blue or Peacock, etc.


The Living room in offices deals with finance so keep this room energy flowing by getting rid of any type of clutter. Everything should be well organized in this room.

Desk should be made up of wood and is round if deals with creative matters, and rectangular with rounded corners of the table if dealing with precise issues.

The position of the desk is very important according to vaastu, so you should always sit with your back against a wall with a clear view of the door and the window.

A paperweight placed at least one metre away from the computer is considered beneficial for strengthening intuition of the user.

And computer can raise wisdom & knowledge.

But unless you are facing the door, will suffer from stress after a while.

A chandelier placed in West will draw people and help your conversation sparkle.

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