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Vaastu tips for KITCHEN

The Kitchen plays an important role in our lives. It is considered the heart of the home, so we should keep the energy light & bright.

Where kitchen has to deal with elements like fire and water, the timber chopping boards & wooden plate racks balance the two elements. The location of the stove and sink can have a large impact on our lives according to vaastu.

Try to arrange the Stove, Sink & Fridge in a traingular shape.

The kitchen should be in the South-East corner of a building or a flat, and West direction can be tolerated, but if it is in North-East direction then you may suffer great losses, and life will be difficult because of clashes if it is in South-West direction.

The main kitchen platform should be in the East & the South-East corner.

Stove or gas burner should be placed in the South-East corner, and a few inches away from the wall. It should never be in front of the main door of the kitchen, and never place it under a window as energy is lost through glass and external walls.

Micro Oven, Mixer, Grinder, etc should be towards the South wall.

Sink should be placed in North-East corner, & pitcher of water or utensils for drinking water should be in the North-East or North side.

Grain, Spices, Pluces, etc every essential commodity boxes should be placed in South or West direction.

Entrance door in East, North & West are useful.

Dining table should be placed in West or North-West side.

Light weight articles should be placed in East or North.

Exhaust fan should be placed in East or West is very useful.

Color of walls should be painted Yellow, Red, Orange.

Refrigerator should be placed in South-East, South, West or North direction. If it is in the South-West direction, then move atleast a feet away from the corner otherwise it will always stay out of order.

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