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Vaastu tips for Dining Room

The Dining room should be positioned in the West side of the building, and it is tolerably good in the East and the North.

Door of the main entrance and dining room should never be parallel or facing each other directly.

Color of this room should have Light Blue, Light Green, Yellow or Saffron.

Dining table should not be round shaped, hexagonal or egg shaped, it should always be in square or rectangular in shape, and do not attach it with a wall.

Head of the family should try to sit facing the east in this room while having the food and nobody should sit facing the south to eliminate existence of unnecessary quarrels.

Nature portraits & paintings in this room make the atmosphere energetic and happy.

There is no harm to place a shrine or water pot in the North-East corner of the room.

Washbasin should be in East or North, avoiding South-East & South-West directions.

Toilet should not be attached with this room, but a place to wash clothes or utensils has no problem.

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