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Improving Your Bottom Line Through Vastu

Vastu is an ancient architectural science that balances the five elements (water, earth, air, fire and space) in our environment and brings maximum opportunities and favors in life.

The earth is composed of these five elements, as is our brain. By making our environment in align with vastu, we can think and act more in tune with nature.

The design of an office and a home should always be vastu constraint to gain financial success. If your work or living environment is in harmony with nature, you will surely have a positive effect on your prosperity, growth and finances.

When you build an office or a home, remember to keep all the five elements in balance. Your actions will be more synchronized with the nature, much like an athlete runs towards his goal rather than running against it.

According to Vastu, the sun provides different energies while moving from east to west which influences our daily life. It also has the potential to affect our actions.

Each of the five elements mentioned is connected with a direction and each direction has specific influences on our business activities.

The success of a business can as well supported by an individual’s success direction according to his date of birth.

Results have shown that when one faces appropriate direction with their desk while dealing with a customer, they can be more productive and successful with their increase in sales.

If there is imbalance, these can be corrected by a qualified Vastu professional who is experienced in rectifying pre-existing buildings.

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