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Vaastu tips for Bed Room

The Bedroom is where we rest, relax & regain our strength so it should always be far from the main entrance door of the house to ensure calm & refreshing sleep.

The direction of the bed is very important and must be according to vaastu.

The bed should be placed diagonally opposite of the bedroom door, so you can have the widest view of the room and can see who enters.

In case this is not possible, corrections can be done by vaastu expert following few remedies.

Headboard of the bed should be placed against the wall and never to a window else insecurity will occur within you.

Pillows make the bed a comfortable luxurious place to rest, but avoid stripes because it creates arguments.

Allow some space on either side of bed. Try to position round or square side tables avoiding sharp edges that damage health, and make sure both tables match as pairing reinforce relationship.

For romance into your relationship, burn incense & place candles around the room. Also keep red flowers in a white vase, and use peach bed sheet which radiates romantic energy.

Colors for a bedroom includes Pink, Red, Purple, Orange, Lavender, Yellow.

Other colors for room harmony are pale pastels or natural prints like flowers and leaves.

Hang a painting, photo or print of a peach tree or peach blossom near the bed of an ill person in the house, & keep it in their line of vision for sooner recovery.

Never let your children sleep in twin beds, as by overtime it will create an emotional gap between the partners, therefore double beds are excellent to have a sleep.

Restrict TV in the room to stop disruptive energy which discourage sleep & make you lazy.

Keep your clothes always in a cupboard as they absorb outside energy.

Avoid storing books in open shelves of the bedroom as it creates confusion.

Do not sleep facing your foot towards a large window or doorway.

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