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Vaastu tips for Bath Room

A Bathroom is useful when it is adjacent to the south-east corner in the east direction of a building, as the morning sunrays will fall on the body after bath will be very beneficial for our health.

Bath should always be done in East or North.

Color of the bathroom walls or tiles should be of White, Light Blue or any Light color.

Slope of the flooring should be slanted towards East or North.

Outlet of water should never be in South-East or South-West.

Tub bath should be placed in East, West or North-East.

Washbasin and shower should be placed in North-East, North or East sides.

Switch Board, Heater, other Electrical appliances should be placed in South-East.

Mirrors and door of the bathroom should be placed in East or North.

Windows or ventilators should be in East or North.

Dressing room near the bathroom should be located in West or South direction.

Washing room for clothes and utensils are convenient adjoining the bathroom and near the kitchen.

Washed clothes should be kept in North-West corner.

Toilet in the bathroom should be avoided, and if no choice then it should be in West or North-West.

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