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Sun in 6th House

Benefic :

(1) Native will be lucky, prone to anger, will have beautiful spouse and
     will benefit from that government.
(2) If Sun is in the 6th house and Moon, Mars and Jupiter in the 2nd
     house, following tradition will be beneficial.
(3) If sun is in 6th house and Ketu in 1st or 7th house then the native
     will have a son and after the 48th year great fortune will follow.

Malefic :

(1) The native's son and maternal family will face bad times. Will also
     affect native health adversely.
(2) If there is a no planet in the 2nd house, the native will get a
     government job in the 22nd year of his life.
(3) If Mars is placed in the 10th house the native's sons will die one
     after the other.
(4) Mercury in the 12th house causes high blood pressure.

Remedial Measures :

(1) Ancestral customs and ritu also should be strictly followed; otherwise
     the family progress and happiness will be destroyed.
(2) Underground furnaces should not be constructed with in the
     premises of the house.
(3) After taking dinner blow off the fire of the kitchen stove by
     sprinkling milk over it.
(4) Always keep Gangajal in the premises of your house.
(5) Offer wheat or Gur to monkeys.

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