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Sun in 5th House

Benefic :

(1) The progress and prosperity of family and children will be assured. If
     the Mars is placed in the 1st or 8th house and Rahu, Ketu, Saturn
     are placed in 9th and 12th houses, the native will lead king's life.
(2) If in 5th house placed with any planet inimical to sun, the native
     will be bestowed hour by the government everywhere.
(3) If Jupiter is placed in 9th or 12th house, the enemies will be
     destroyed, but this position will not be good for children of the

Malefic :

(1) If the Sun in the 5th is inauspicious and Jupiter is in 10th, the wife
     of the native will die and wives in subsequent marriages will also die
(2) If the sun in the 5th house is inauspicious and Saturn is placed in
     3rd, sons of the native will die.

Remedial Measures :

(1) Do not delay in having a child.
(2) Build your kitchen in the eastern portion of your house.
(3) Drop a lit the quantity of mustard oil on the ground continuously for
     43 days.

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