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Numerology – Used for Checking Relationship Compatibility

Using Numerology for relationship compatibility can help us to maintain stability in our committed relationship Numerology will also help us halt dead-end relationships At the time of birth, we create a signature of energy, behaviour, beliefs, attitudes, and expressions When we develop a connection with another person, our energies have to find a rhythm with the other in order to create relationship harmony For e.g. if A's numbers are harmonious with B's numbers, A will have a pleasant and positive relationship with B, and vice versa

Know your life partner better and experience profound love

This is how relationships work on the spiritual level The power of Numerology has been used to intensify our relationship with our close ones, But many people use Numerology as a way to find the points where healing can happen in a struggling or challenged relationship



Banjo wrote: 2017, January

This inecodurts a pleasingly rational point of view

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