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Emerald is one of the most sought after stone and is famous among the gemstones. It is mostly green in color. In the ancient times all green stones were called Emerald, however, research has found that Emerald is found in various colors as well. It is precious gemstone. At times the price of an emerald can be many times more than the price of a diamond. Thereby people have to be content with small stones when it comes to Emerald. It is a soft gemstone and thus needs to be handled with care. It is light in weight and very delicate. Emerald rings also make a style statement because of its color and texture.

To test the purity of Emerald

Emerald being a precious stone, the chances of you being doped is many. However, you can perform a few tests to know the purity of the stone you purchase. One may find a type of glass that looks like Emerald. This glass if rubbed with turmeric on a stone, the color of turmeric changes to red. If observed from an eye glass, real emerald would look pink, whereas fake emerald/glass does not change its color and appears green. Real Emeralds would look green in utmost brightness. Even if placed in water, one can see its green reflection.

Who should wear Emerald?

Emerald reduces the ill effects of the planet mercury. The sun sign Gemini and Virgo being ruled by mercury, it is the best stone or the preferred stone to be worn. It is also believed that those students who are unintelligent can wear Emerals rings or pendants. Emerald for the Sun Sign Gemini and Virgo Those who belong to the sun sign Gemini wearing an Emerald ring or pendants would bring mental peace, physical well being, motherhood among others. This stone is thereby quite beneficial for Geminians. Try making an Emerald ring / pendant during Buddha Mahadash/ Antardash and wear it keeping all the rituals in mind. Emergal engagement rings are also very popular these days, which is in tune with the auspicious benefits the stone offers. Emerald stone for Virgos is magically beneficial. It increases your life span, physical well being, work, business, recognition, fame and fatherhood.

Effects of Emerald

Emerald increases prosperity (increase in food grains and raw materials). You may also keep evil spirits at peace and are away from black magic. Procedure to Wear Emerald It is beneficial to wear Emerald in a silver metal on a Wednesday after Amavasya, two hours after sunset. One has to also fast and perform rituals such as a pooja before wearing an Emerald. Emeralds can be worn in the ring finger or little finger. The following mantra has to be recited 1000 times before wearing an Emerald: “Om Bu Budhaya Namaha” On the other hand, Emerald engagement rings needs to be worn are to be worn following the right procedure that can be acquired from a trained astrologer who can guide you with the same. Considering the need of the hour, designer engagment rings are also available that can suit your requirements.

This is indeed an effectual way of intensifying the benefits of favorable planets in birth chart or horoscope of a native. This is the basic introduction about the effects of Gems. The Most important thing is to ascertain which is the Gem that will bring about maximum benefit to an individual. It is most important to identify which gemstone will suit an individual’s chart. Gemstones such as Blue Sapphire, Cat’s eye, Coral are so strong that if not chosen carefully they actually act in a negative manner and bring about the downfall of a person. A careful scrutiny of the feeble strength of the planet or planets then leads to selection of an appropriate gem of suitable weight and clarity.

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