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VIRGO (23rd August to 22nd September)
Your Planetary Ruler Mercury
Your Element Earth
Your Sign Movable

You are attractive, modest, reserved, honest, long armed, with drooping shoulders, sweet speech, intelligent, fond of pleasure, music and opposite sex

Physical Appearance :
Often of a small build, you have a large fund bustling energy and are seldom able to sit still for long. Your noses a seldom bulbous, and your lips are generally delicately shaped. Your sky tends to be soft and oily in your younger years

Personality :
You are discriminating, analytical, objective and practical. As a result, you excel in all work in which analysis and critical judgment are required. You have great clarity in your thoughts and strong powers of discerning hidden things. However, although you have a strong love for justice, you are only moderately sympathetic towards others. You are cool-headed and balanced. Happily, you are not vindictive and in fact, quite shy, prefer to work quietly and in seclusion. You are likely to travel a great deal for business or pleasure. Travel brings good luck and addition to fortune. By and large, you will rise by dint of your personal efforts and merit. Once aroused, it’s difficult for you to cool down. You also tend to live in your imagination far too often

Profession and Career :
You would do well in all occupations connected with higher sciences, mechanics, dietetics, nutrients, health, and labour. Since you go into details, you are industrious, and are devoted to your work. You make good executives, organizers and directors. You are an earthy sign, and if you have an inclination for agriculture and horticulture, you can successful in any occupation connected with land
Business and Finances :
Acquisition of wealth will prove an uphill task. Though the struggle will be hard and beset with many difficulties, you will triumph ultimately due to intelligent handling and hard work. You will, however, have secret enemies, and should be very careful in your investments
Your Match with : Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn
Romance and Marriage :
Your love life is not smooth as a rule, partly because you have high expectations always. There are, chances of second marriage. Even if there is no second marriage, there may be a long-standing attachment. Many of you have a tendency to fall in love at a comparatively young age, but such a relationship is seldom enduring

Health and Disease :
Your Health is, generally, not good in childhood, but as the years pass, and it becomes better. You are likely to have complaints of the bowels and weakness of the sympathetic nervous system, the abdomen and the liver, the gall bladder and gall ducts. Virgos are very fussy food eaters. You are anemic and suffer from indigestion, gas pains, ulcers, liver upsets, colitis and bowel problems. They should eat fresh fruits like oranges, bananas, cherries, melons, papaya and apples. You should include green leafy vegetables, brown rice, eggs, corn bread cottage cheese, whole wheat and whole grain breads, wheat germ oil, almonds and yogurt in their diet. Medicines and drugs should be taken only under doctor's supervision. Pleasant walks, music and dancing are good for your health
Lucky Days Wednesday, Saturday
Lucky Colours Orange, Yellow, Grey, White
Lucky Stones Emerald, Jade, Amethyst, Topaz
Lucky Numbers 5, 14, 50, 59 68 and 77

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