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PISCES (19th February to 20th March)

Your Planetary Ruler Jupiter, Neptune

Your Element Water

Your sign Fixed


You will be philosophical, restless, contemplating, imagining, honest, outspoken and helpful. You will be sweet tempered and socially inclined towards others. You being a common and famine sign your expression and thoughts will be modified and even thoroughly changed when you are in front of the audience

Appearance :

You are generally of short stature with a tendency to be plump, short limbs, a full face, pale complexion, a tendency to develop a double chin, muscular and spherical shoulders

Personality :

You have a kind, loving, truthful and sympathetic nature. Usually, you are courteous and hospitable, helpful and humane, and you cannot harm any one even if you try. Being a dual sign, you are a puzzle to others and even to yourself

Professions and Career :

You can be successful as accountants, bankers, as performers in music and opera houses, cinema, practitioners of occult sciences, actors, liaison officers, personnel in medical and education departments

Business and Finances :

You have good business ability. You are end owed with skills, which will bring you wealth and power. You do not relish the idea of being dependent on your children in old age so you keep the money safe for that period. You are helpful to needy people but mostly make advances of money to those who can repay on demand

Romance and Marriage :

You are strongly attracted to romance and look for a combination of good looks and intellect in your partner. However, you tend to be suspicious by nature towards your partner, which can kill your love.

You match with Virgo, Cancer and Pisces

Heath and Diseases :

Your mostly inclined to suffer from Nervous, Depression, Insomnia Anemia and Eye trouble

Your Weakness :

You are have the quality to speak and understand the domestic difficulties of the poor and will go about to assist them in the need of their hour but without considering your own financial position. The main weakness in you that you will rely upon all your friends and you will realize late in your life that your friends have not withstood to your expectation

Lucky Days Monday, Tuesday Thursday

Lucky Colours Yellow, and Orange

Lucky Stones Yellow Sapphire, Opal and Ruby

Lucky Numbers 2, 11, 22, 31 and 40

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