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LEO (23rd July to 22nd August)

Planetary Ruler Sun

Your Element Fire

Born in Sign Fixed


You are extremely sympathetic, generous, honest, straight forward and authoritative. You are honest, frank, and outspoken. You are enterprising and like to command. In fact, your strongest instinct is to rule and command. You love authority. You are quite proud and lucky in money matters. You possess a strong will power and you achieve your objectives in spite of the difficulties or obstacles that come in your way

Appearance :

You are tall, physically strong, attractive and have a fair complexion. You have broad shoulders and have beautiful eyes with abundant energy. Your constitution is generally robust, you appear to have fashioned round face with model looks.


You are inclined to quick anger. Success comes to you only after much struggle. You would remain devoted to your parents. Your wife would be virtuous and happy lady. Physically, you are strong and if you happen to fall ill, you will recover soon. You are both courageous and valorous. You never want to giveaway

Professions and Career :

The career best suited for you are Civil Services, Finance, Politics, Armed Forces, Business of Commanding Nature, You are quite courteous, diplomatic and do well in all professions where you you may have to deal with dignified people

Business and Finances :

You are magnanimous and are, therefore, unable to save in proportion to your income. Business partnerships lead to litigation, which should be settled out of court. There is a danger of part of your property being destroyed by fire. In financial matters, you may not get a square deal from your brothers and sisters, and this may even lead to litigation

You Match With Aries, Leo, Sagittarius and Gemini

Romance and Marriage :

You love steadfastly, and usually get married fairly early. However, being stubborn, you do not have a smooth relationship with your partner. You want to be overbearing, and unless the partner is submissive and docile, this leads to frequent clashes


You tend to have a lot of ego and pride, and you have a certain amount of vanity by which you are easily ruffled. Your inimical feelings continue for a long time. You are pompous and prefer to show off your splendor on many occasions. You at times get suspicious, even when there is no substantial cause. You are inclined towards betting, gambling speculation, and games of chance. The greed of becoming rich at one go often attracts you


The heart and the aorta, upper back, spleen and the spinal chord form your major vulnerable health areas and can result in heart diseases, back problems, or spinal meningitis. Your sign rules the heart and back, and your tendency to drive yourself hard, often puts them under pressure. The pressure increases because you enjoy good food and are prone to be overweight. For good health, you’ve got to respect your body’s needs

Lucky Days Sundays

Lucky Colour Red, Orange, Gold White

Lucky Stones Ruby, Amber, Diamonds.

Lucky Numbers 1, 10, 28, 37,46 and 55

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