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CANCER (22nd June to 22nd July)

Your Ruling Planet Moon

Your sign Water

Born in Sign Movable


You are changeable, moody, restless and sensitive. You are emotional, tenacious, honest, intelligent, industrious, miserly. Though proud, talkative, quite independent in your feelings, you are more attached to your home and family

Physical Appearance :

Usually of medium height, your build is sturdy and stocky. Your complexion is smooth and free from pimples and blemishes. Most of you have a strong, muscular physique with largish bones. Even symmetrical teeth and a wide mouth

Personality :

Your sign of water makes your nature moody. You tend to keep your emotions hidden in the innermost of your heart. This watery sign also bestows the powers of intuition. You possess strong pioneering instincts and are generally enterprising and industrious. In crunch situations, you are forceful an courageous and refuse to give up until you have achieved your targets or at least put in your best

Profession and Career :

Being hard working and industrious, you are successful in your own profession and business. You often reach high position in life. You generally make good Engineers, Explorers, Metal Workers, Dentists, Surgeons, Mechanics, Self-employed Professionals or Business People

Business and Finance :

Although you have a good head for business and your financial position is usually stable, you're prone to overrating your own judgment, especially when it comes to making investments or tying up new deals. It's your impulsive nature and your over confidence, which combine to cut it to your profits

You Match with Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces

Romance and Marriage :

You will enjoy your family life. Home and family are of great importance to you and will manage to keep your spouse quite happy and gay. You have a good style of admiration and you indulge in light flirtations. Many of you, despite your deep-seated desire to set up a home, are averse to marriage. Part of the reason for this is that you are unable to disclose your inmost emotions and feelings even when your heart beats in tune to a strong love tone


You are likely to suffer from water born diseases, comprising of gastric trouble, inflammatory troubles of liver, minor boils and infection in stomach. At times mental depression and excitement. Diabetes is one factor, where you need to be beware of


You are lustful, drunkard and fickle minded. You become irritable and your crooked eyes speak of your lust and greed at several occasions

Lucky Colors Green, Mauve, Mountain Blue

Lucky Stones Emerald, Pearl, Cat’s eye

Lucky Numbers 2, 11, 20 29

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