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ARIES (21st March to 19th April)

Your Ruling Planet Mars

Your Sign Fiery

Born in Sign Movable


Your shall have round eyes, shall be quite talkative and urguementive. Short tempered, angry and bilious in nature. Tend to be the eldest of of the children, shall be popular, stingy and unsteady in behavior, moment of arms, hands and fingers are frequently seen while in conversation with others. Full of vigor, honored by the government, sparingly eating habits and shall have few children in life

Appearance :

A good physique with large bones. Your features and your teeth tend to be good and even You are of medium height and you tend to develop into a unique punchy personality

Personality :

You possess forceful, courageous, enterprising and industrious instincts. You refuse to give up until and unless you have not achieved your targets. Winning or losing is not very important to you, giving a good effort and showing a good account of your abilities is quite something where you are more cautious about

Profession and Career :

You are best suited for a career connected with Metals, Engineering, Metallurgy, Surgery and you often tend to become good trade union leaders. Explorers, Explosives, Teachers, Self-Employed Professionals or the business people. Dealers of firearms, Dentists, Mechanics, and Sportsmen are the other fields where you would excel well

Business and Finances :

Though you have a good head for business but when it comes to making investments or tying up new deals, your become quite impulsive and rash. However, you're able to pull back yourself from major disasters and you do not remain a debtor for long

You Match with : Aries, Leo Scorpions and Sagittarius

Romance and Marriage :

You warm hearted nature will provide you with excellent chance for love and romance. But you must restrain yourself from being rash and impulsive. You expect your loved ones to share your thoughts and to respond to your moods in all situations


You will be such a bad liar that others can immediately see through you. But however selfish you may be, you will feel the sense of your selfishness if pointed out to you and you will readily accept the fact.

Health and Disease :

The body parts ruled by your sign are muscles, head, and the eyes, and the face. You are quite prone to headaches, head injuries, brain disorders, and burns, are the other positive pointers. Minor accidents are also not ruled out

Lucky Day Tuesday

Lucky Colors Red and white

Lucky Stones Red Coral, Ruby, Garnet Blood Stone

Lucky Numbers 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63 and 72

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