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Vastu and Numerology

At NUMEROLOGY one , we believe every individual can sustain & work with the energy in away God has created their personality & trends of their lives.

With its Vaastu, Numerological Consultancy  NUMEROLOGY one running from last ten years provides 100% genuine guidance to their worldwide clients by helping them to understand why & what is going on their lives & teach them to interpret their evil energies themselves for the rest of the life after they know their epicycle. We promise you are the master of your destiny.

 NUMEROLOGY one respond to queries of clients everyday who are disturbed by their smooth progress in life, finances, family, education, parental property, marriage, children, love affair, health, career, real estate, loyalty, week  memory, laziness, anger, fear, litigation, longevity in relationships, professionalism, partnership in business, accidents, vehicle, fire, communication skills, etc.

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Vastu for Home, Tips, Remedies

Offer valuable information on the theory, design and techniques on the instruments and rectification devices that transform your home.

GemstoneGemstone, Vedic Gems

Gemstone are used for healing and spiritual rituals, Gemstones give out vibration that when rightly used.